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Policy for Quality, Health and Safety in the Workplace

The main objective of Apinox s.r.l. is to manufacture mixers, mixing vessels and pressure vessels, which are more and more in line with the requests and the needs of the Customers, according to the company Mission and Strategic Vision. 

According to the increasing needs of the market as far as quality is concerned, the Management has decided to implement the Quality Management System with the Workplace Health and Safety Management System  as an integrated tool to improve the services provided to Customers by optimizing the management and the production in order to ensure the final customer that the products have been obtained according to certain principles and their production process is sustainable and does not have any significant risk to Health and Safety at Work for the operators. 

The management of Apinox s.r.l., always considering the company's target to increase the market competitiveness by reducing the operating costs and always improving the business process, considers the continuous improvement of the Quality/Safety integrated system a priority and strategic element to achieve the targets in which the company comes across respecting the sustainability of its processes.  

The Management has allocated some funds and has arranged the personnel and the necessary tools necessary for the implementation of the quality and safety management system, which will be constantly monitored and periodically assessed by measuring the achievements of the set targets for the controlled processes. Apinox must pay great attention to the requests and expectations of the Customer, to the requirements of the applicable standards and rules and to the continuous improvement of the organization, of the customer's satisfaction, of the parties involved and of the environment. 
Our company must pursue quality and must guarantee the health and safety in the workplace at all stages of every project in which any employee is involved in achieving the targets.   

Apinox s.r.l. wants to be a strong, dynamic and creative organization, based on the value of people and on a culture strongly aimed at the research of the continuous improvement, of the excellence of the manufacturing, of the equipment and of the relationships with the Customers and with all the cooperators and stakeholders. Our values are the customer orientation, the individual and organizational responsibility, the loyalty, the integration, the cooperation, the openness to new and to listening and the sustainability of its activities. 
The Integrated System for the Quality and Safety Management is based on the commitment to respect integrally and continuously the legislation in force and any other mandatory regulation as well. It is also strongly committed to prevention and improvement of the needs and of the expectations of the Buyers and of the workers. 
Company Apinox s.r.l. is constantly committed to develop appropriate methods for the awareness and training of the personnel in order to guarantee that each worker can carry out his tasks with responsibility, competence and awareness.  

This policy and the improvement programmes and targets are provided to all workers and all third parties according to the methods and procedures of the Management System.  
The policy and the company target, as far as Quality, Safety and Hygiene in the Workplace are concerned, will be considered in the relationship with the customers, the suppliers, the subcontractors andproviders in any stage of the economical and contractual relationship. 
The Management checks periodically thatthis policy is in compliance with the targets and with the company context, that it is realized and shared at any organizational level by establishing objectives of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. 


The Policy of Quality, Health and Safety in the Workplace is communicated inside and outside the company, carried out and supported at any level of the company organization: all people working in Apinox s.r.l., in particular the Management and the Functional Managers for their areas, have the task to periodically ascertain that the above principles are respected.


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