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Mixer machines Pressure vessels


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Our mixer type “IV” is a high speed and high output batch mixer particularly suitable for hard biscuits (tp. Marie – Petit Beurre), soft biscuits, crackers, snacks and/or soft and delicate dough.

The product capacity of the mixer will depend on the recipe and on the degree of automation of the ingredient feeding process.

Main technical features:

  • The shaftless arm is designed to achieve rapid and evenly dispersion of all ingredients and a controlled dough development process;
  • The removal of the central shaft improves the discharge, the cleaning and the dough hygiene;
  • Our mixing arm guarantees that the ingredients loaded by hand into any part of the mixing bowl are dispersed throughout the mix rapidly;
  • The bowl for mixing the product, made out completely in stainless steel, includes a jacket on its whole section for the temperature control;
  • Bowl tilting to unload the mixed product at over 105° is made by means of hydraulic cylinder actuated by its system;
  • The bowl can be stopped at any tilting position to allow hand feed of minor ingredients;
  • The mixer chassis is made out of thick electrically arc welded carbon steel sheets and section bars for heavy duty. The removable panels are made of AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • High powdered two-speed main motor housed inside the mixer;
  • The bowl upper part is equipped with a fixed cover fitted with powder-proof gasket to prevent egress of ingredients. It is equipped with ducts according to the customer needs for the feeding of raw materials;
  • Special attention has been paid to the safety of the operators during design.  Apinox mixers are equipped with safety systems to ensure the safety of operators and are in compliance with the rules in force;
  • The control panel can be installed on the mixer or on the electrical cabinet and can be provided with push-buttons or with touch-screen terminal and PLC;
  • An important advantage of the apinox mixer is the simple method of construction which makes all parts of the machine easily accessible for maintenance, inspection and cleaning.
Model Total capacity (Litres) Mixing capacity (Kg)
IV250 620 250
IV350 890 350
IV500 1050 500
IV600 1350 600
IV750 1480 750
IV900 1600 900
IV1200 1800 1200
IV1500 2250 1500
IV1800 2700 1800
Accessories upon request for IV models:
  • Complete stainless steel manufacturing;
  • Fan assisted main motor with frequency converter and conditioner;
  • PLC and colour touch-screen;
  • Flour / sugar inlet pneumatic butterfly valve;
  • High powered main motor;
  • Thermal insulation of the bowl and external surface is stainless steel;
  • Machine design and manufacturing according to specific requirements of customers.


The mixer models IV1500 and IV1800 are suitable only for soft biscuits and / or soft and delicate dough (not suitable for hard biscuits tp. Marie)

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