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Mixer machines Pressure vessels


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This mixer has been specifically designed for the production of soda cracker, cream cracker, two phases fermented dough and delicate dough.
Excellent qualitative products can be obtained with this mixer with high hour production capacity.

Main technical features

  • The mixing process is carried out in wheeled tubs, attached to the machine in work position by means of two hydraulic cylinders, actuated by its system;
  • The different mixing arms enable achieving a complete and evenly dispersion of all ingredients;
  • The combined gear unit moves vertically on guides with adjustable brass runners;
  • The mixer chassis is made out of thick electrically welded carbon steel sheets and sections bars for heavy duty;
  • Central lubrication system, manually controlled;
  • The upper part of the wheeled tub is closed by a powder-proof cover to prevent egress of powders and dough;
  • Special attention has been paid to the safety of the operators during design. The vertical mixer is equipped with safety systems to ensure the safety of operators;
  • The control panel is installed on on the electrical cabinet positioned next to the machine and can be provided with push-buttons or with touch-screen terminal and PLC;
  • An important advantage of the apinox mixer is the simple method of construction which makes all parts of the machine easily accessible for maintenance, inspection and cleaning.
Model Total capacity of the weeled tub (Litres) Mixing capacity (Kg)
2A 600 400 ÷ 450
3A 1250 700 ÷ 750
3A+ 1840 1050 ÷ 1100
Accessories upon request for VERTICALE model:
  • Complete stainless steel manufacturing;
  • Fan assisted main motor with frequency converter and conditioner;
  • PLC and colour touch-screen;
  • High powered main motor;
  • Thermal insulation of the bowl and external surface is stainless steel;
  • Machine design and manufacturing according to specific requiremants of customers.
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